Subject: Re: Train Travel
Hi, Peter, We LOVE to travel by train. I used to spend hours studying Cook's Timetable working out trip details for Europe. Now, I mostly use the internet, but Cook's is still great for finding all the possibilities. In the US we've taken the train from Boston for a day trip to Mystic Seaport. And we took Amtrak from Kansas to California, stopping for several days in San Francisco, then through the Rockies, stopping off in Denver for more days in Rocky Mt. Natl. Park. Then the trick to get back to KS is that you have go via Chicago. I think to really enjoy train travel you have to consider the train as part of the adventure and not just getting from Point A to Point B. And you meet the most interesting people!

In Canada we went from Vancouver to Toronto getting off for several days in the Rockies and exploring Banff, Lake Louise, etc. We always use public transportation in Britain and have explored a lot of Scotland via trains, ferries, and buses. And we've used the train in northern England and for day trips out of London. Switzerland and Austria are fantastic train countries and we've done several trips there, basing in one or two places and exploring others with day trips. There are so many trains that if you miss one, there'll be another soon, so you can be really flexible when something unexpected catches your interest. We've only done one trip in Spain (Malaga to Cordoba) but would like to do more.

Usually we just take regular trains, but have managed to do the Glacier Express-on a perfect, clear Swiss day, TGV (twice), Chunnel- did not care for that one, and Orient Express from Venice to Salzburg- with lunch, but not overnight.

We even used trains for our own shore excursions in overnight stops on a Scandanavian cruise.

In Europe we usually find rail passes most convenient and economical if there will be a number of rail trips involved. Angie-in Kansas and ready to ride the rails again