Subject: Re: travellers cheque
Hi Ziners, This discussion has been very interesting to me because I can't remember the last time I purchased travellers cheques. It may have been as far back as 20 years ago. We carry as little as $100 U.S. with us (for emergency purposes and in $1 denominations only) and $100 in the local currency and then rely on our bank cards to get cash from an ATM. We have never been faced with a situation where a merchant would not honour our Visa or Mastercard and if the hotel or restaurant owner wanted cash (which we have encountered in Europe but not Asia) we have simply walked off to a bank machine to get the cash we needed. I once went to a bank in Bangkok and withdrew $1000 to pay for our hotel and airfare and there were no questions asked. I may have incurred a few dollars in service charges but it was small in comparison to the overall cost of the trip and is long forgotten. Lucy, Toronto