Subject: Re: Buenos Aires Hotel
Hi Candice,

I am flying back home today so I do not have too much time. I shall address your questions from home, in the mean time the Lois Suites Hotels at Recoleta (there are two of them one in Recoleta the other elsewhere) has been highly recommended by friends who stayed there. I shall send you the phone numbers of reliable taxi companies, it is advisable not to take taxis in the street, I do it because I am familiar with the good taxi companies, it is very simple to call them. Today there are tons of Locutorios, that is, places where you can call local or long distance their rates are extremely low. Good places to call back home. If you go to a tango show late at night, you can have a Remise car, the hotel will help you, waiting for you at the show to take you back home. They charge same fares than taxis. have to rush, ...

Graziella, on the way home to Miami