Subject: Re: Train travel
Hi All, Train travel in North America -I would definitely recommend it !! In 2001 we spent ten weeks in the US and all our internal travelling was done by Amtrak. We had a marvellous time visiting friends,relatives and unknown places. We travelled from Toronto to Boston by bus (because of 9/11) on 14th September, south to Richmond & Williamsburg,then up to Washington and Chicago.From there we went to Nebraska (our favourite place) and through the amazing scenery of Rockies to San Francisco. Next we went south through California finishing up in Mesa AZ. It was definitely the holiday of a lifetime but travelling by train made it even more special. The scenery was fantastic and we met so many interesting people on the trains, swapping life stories at every mealtime. I would far rather travel by Amtrak than on the trains in the UK! It was all very well organised. I would definitely recommend it to anybody with time to spare. Jan Bo'ness Scotland