Subject: RE: custom-made suits in Hong Kong
Hi Robin,

First of all - let's have a GTG when you get here!

Second - HK can't compete with the prices of tailors in some other parts of Asia (except for the rip-off tailors who have people on every street corner trying to draw you into their shops) but, if you know where to go, there are some excellent shops where you know you are getting quality material and they truly do a wonderful job of fitting. They can also do it from first fitting to completion in just a couple of days. My husband and I have had many suits & shirts made over the past 8 yrs by a gem of a man who owns a shop called E-House Tailors which is located under the Hyatt Regency in Tsim Sha Tsui (right above the TST subway station). We've recommended him to many friends and colleagues and they have all been pleased. Some, who returned to NA and have maintained the same shape over the years - have even gotten more suits/shirts made by him just by calling or faxing and he's mailed them over to them. There is also a good tailor whom other friends have recommended - who has a website and will accept orders over the internet - he also makes visits to NA at least once a year:

You are right - many people get ripped off here because they get dazzled by low prices and forget the old addage: "you get what you pay for". The jade market is a wonderful place and I always suggest that people buy what they really like - not for an investment but just for the enjoyment of wearing something they like but....if they want it for an investment - a reputable jeweller is probably the best place to go. I can recommend a couple of jewellers to you that are reputable. Haven't got the names and locations right now but will get them for you. Also - a colleague of mine (who speaks many of the local dialects) befriended a rather special lady in the jade market whom he says sells genuine goods. I haven't seen her for awhile and don't know exactly where her stall is now, but I can give you a picture of her so that you can see what her selection is first.

Any other questions about my adopted home? I'm always thrilled when Ziners decide to come to this exciting part of the world and especially to HK. If you and your wife enjoy green spaces and hiking - you'll be surprised to learn that 74% of HK is actually green spaces don't overlook either the islands or the eastern New Territories when you come. There's more to HK than harbour and tall buildings ;)

Cheers! Judy in HK