Subject: Returned from the UK
Hi Ziners,

I've just got back from my annual trek to the UK, this time a summer trip which is unusual for me. I was invited to a wedding in Cobh, EIRE to do the photography and built a holiday around it since it's too far to go just for a weekend. Spent 5 days in London, both on my own and with friends, a few days in Manchester and a long weekend in Cobh. No tours or major excursions this time, just hanging out, walking, talking, laughing and partying. I did a bit of sightseeing in London though really didn't get to a few places i had planned to. Well that's what it's like, isn't it? You make a plan which turns into a guideline and then you do what you end up feeling like doing. That's half the fun of it all.

Weather wise, not brilliant, not blue sunny days though the sun broke through now and then. A bit showery, mostly cloudy, sometimes cool. But that made it easier to walk around without getting too warm and sticky. The wedding went off quite well and i shall be picking up my photos today so saying a prayer to the photography gods/goddesses that they all come out well.

Will post urls for pics and a travelogue when i get it sorted.

Diane Johnston Halifax, NS