Subject: Victoria, BC Ghost Walk
Hi Ziners! I just returned from a 3 day conference in Victoria. it was great, but what was better was the Ghost Walk of downtown that we attended in the evening. We walked through the alleys and listened to the history of 1880's and newer buildings. Fascinating stories of the people and the resulting ghosts who lived and live in Victoria. It's supposed to be the most haunted city on the west coast of North America for a couple of reasons. There are First Nations, Chinese people and stories of early Europeans who are still seen regularly. I highly recommend the tour if you happen to be visiting! The guide really believes the personal stories he's gathered over the years and he offers a great dramatic presentation of the stories. It's a family-run operation and his son also leads them. He even personalized it with a story from my hometown! Has anyone see these anywhere else? I'd love to know. Donna Nanaimo, BC