Subject: Re: Buenos Aires Hotel/Taxi
Dear Candice,

Taxis: Do not flag them in the street. You can easily call them from Locutorios (local call is .25 cts) giving the locutorio's address or any other address where you might be. They will routinely ask for a name and a telephone number, so give them any telephone number.

These two are reliable radio taxi companies and have plenty of cars, Radio Taxi Premium 5238-0000; 4374-6666 (all units with a/c) Radio Taxis Alo 4855-0455 4857-1111

- Hotels: Friends who have stayed in the Kempsinsky have complained of bad service, noisy rooms, one friend of ours had her had bag stolen in the lobby . She left it on the floor while talking to a friend. Also rooms are very small and stuffed with lots of furniture.....However, who knows they might have been unlucky... I stayed at the Bel Air Hotel and enjoy it. It is imperative to stay in a Jr. Suite or Suite. As I said our Jr Suite was very pleasant, no noise, thick walls... The term standing jacuzzi is a riot, means that the shower have several water jets that are supposed to give you some kind of a water massage around your body.

Lately we have tried three different hotels in Bs As, and this is the one we enjoyed most. As you correctly pointed out there is no "need" to stay in one of the expensive international chains paying hundreds of dollars when there are so many good local four stars for under a hundred.

But again the key in Buenos Aires is to deal through a travel agency, getting a special rate. This procedure is valid for most hotels. For the Bel Air, Jr. uite we paid, with breakfast approx. $75

Buena suerte, Graziella in Miami Beach.