Subject: Re: Trip planning strategies?
Hello One and All!

Back from Ashland (met with Judy and friend there for supper - really nice!) and Seattle and getting ready for Southeast Asia in September. But to trip planning strategies -

It depends upon where I'm going. In London, I go for dance, concerts and theatre so often schedule these ahead, particularly for the Royal Ballet which is my No 1 priority. Then I fill in with whatever seems interesting: London Walks, a museum visit, a trip to Stratford - whatever. I'll be there in November this year so will be able to see the RSC in London. Since it's a limited season will try to get seats early on though often can get singles at the last minute.

Some places I read up on and have a definite idea of what I want to see; other I just go with the flow. I'll go to Bilbao for several days before London , but am going with a purpose: to see the Guggenheim! I flew down on a Sunday in LA to see the Disney and attend a concert there and am so impressed with Gehry's work Happy Trails!

Jo, back in sunny Sunnyvale, collecting visas from here and there!