Subject: Re: Trip planning strategies?
Hi Ziners -- This can be a tough one. Right now, as you may know, my husband and I are in the process of planning our cross US road trip -- thank you Ziners for all the tips. We have reservations to fly to Albany from San Diego on August 30 (but would like to arrive there by the 28th) and I have a meeting in Albany that I can't miss on August 10, so that leaves us with just under three weeks. I've just heard from a cousin in Denver and another in California near Lake Tahoe inviting us to stay a couple of days with them. Right now we're in the process of trying to figure out how long we need to allot to the trip. We're pretty comfortable with not stopping for sightseeing in the East, but my husband has never been west of Chicago other than a couple of trips by air to LA and San Diego. So, we're thinking of 500 miles/day as far as Denver, but then taking our time.

I'm particularly interested in how to plan the trip and how much time we have once we leave the Lake Tahoe area. We'll be going past Sacramento, stopping in San Francisco and would like to drive down the coast. I really want to be spontaneous, but it can be a little scary. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Landra in upstate New York