Subject: south west chief-amtrack
we are going on the big trip post retirement. Most aussies do this before going on to university. Recent messages have made us consider changing plans and going by train on various legs. First portion is from Sydney and Lax to Cincinnati then Boston to see family.

The South West Chief looks very inviting on the amtrack website. Has anyone done this? We would go to Chicago-visit for a short period and then go on to Cincinnatti. (We ahavnt even got round to thinking about the Cincinnati Boston leg.)Has anyone travelled on this service and if so -how was it?A couple of questions arise.

1. can one get off and catch the same train a day or so later? 2. i know that a sleeper is to sleep-but will it be just us in the cabin or will others be forced to endure our (my) snores 3. how comfortable is it to just get a reclining seat? is it comprable to business class air? significant is the difference between business and ordinary class? 5. whats the really important question i have forgotton to ask

alan(amateur bumbling planner) on behalf of dawn also