Subject: Re: Best places to get lost!

Altho I have an excellent sense of direction in the woods, the urban landscape sometimes leaves me floundering.

Venice is a great place to get lost, especially after wandering for what seems like hours, you discover you're 1.5 blocks from San Marco.

Barcelona has tangled me up in knots. A couple of streets from Las Ramblas & I might as well have been in Turkey, I was so turned around.

Mexico City is one of my fave places to get lost, & there's plenty of it to get lost in.

In a new place, I like getting on local bus or train & going to the end of the line just to see where it ends up.

New York, just popping up out of the subway just to see where I am, has yielded some interesting neighborhood views. And some scary ones too.

And Scotland! Without a REALLY good map, you're going to get lost no matter what you do. I can't believe how many wrong turns I took this last trip till I pungled up for an excellent detailed map.

Last year, in the 18-mile Circle the Bay race (I'm a racewalker) around nearby Coos Bay, at one point I realized there was no bay to be seen in the fog. Yup, totally lost. Without any sun to help re-orient myself, I wandered for a while. Nice scenery, but my race time stank. I finally followed my nose for the scent of the bay & managed to stumble across the finish line.

Gail In Eugene but never for long