Subject: Re: Denmark
ahhh Tiffany,

I was scheduled to land in Hamburg and travel to Denmark in August but had to postpone our trip. When we were in Denmark to last time we rented a car and drove from Copenhagen, through the Island of Fyn, (Fuenen), visiting family and friends. Silkeborg is a beautiful place to visit. We stayed there for a few days.

Have not yet been to but here they are very worthwhile:

Legoland, Billund Legoland Denmark has dedicated itself to children for the past thirty years. The complex is made up of more than 45 million Lego pieces and has welcomed more than 25 million visitors since its opening. It is packed full of unique attractions, rides, and shows such as the wonderful "Adventure Land," the exhilarating "Jungle Path" and the remarkable "black theatre."

Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense The Hans Christian Andersen Museum is managed by the Ugly Duckling Foundation, a non-profit organization set-up to foster public understanding and enjoyment of Hans Christian Andersen and his work. Situated in his childhood home, it is now the top attraction in town. It houses many interesting collections including illustrations and pictures, exhibits from the writer's life, and a large library of Danish and foreign editions of his works.

The Viking Museum, Roskilde The Viking Ship Museum is located at the foot of Roskilde Fjord beside the Roskilde harbour. In 1662, five Viking ships were rescued and resurrected from the harbor. The Museum was built to house and reconstruct these vessels. All five ships are vastly different. They were built for different purposes, different waters and with different Viking builders and highlight the scope of Viking shipbuilding. The museum has now outgrown its initial role, and there are now other Nordic boats housed here. There is an artificial island next to the museum which houses archaeological workshops and educational institutions.

Mons Klint, Mon Mons Kilt is a chalk-cliff formation on the east coast of the island of Mon. These dazzlingly white cliffs rise 188m meters above the ocean and are probably the most recognizably natural feature in Denmark. The area is fantastic for walking, either on the wild beaches below, or in the lush green forests in the surrounding area. Even though Mons Klint is one of Denmark's most popular beaches it is remarkably clean and undeveloped.

Jelling Stones and Mounds, Jelling In the village of Jelling, the "Birth Certificate" of Denmark can be visited. The "birth certificate" is two large stones with runic inscriptions set by King Harald Blatand for his father Gorm den Gamle (Gorm the Old) and his mother Thyra. The inscriptions on the stones are some of the oldest known writings in Danish. The larger of the two has a figure of Christ in decorative pagan carving as well as Harald Bluetooth's declaration that he united Denmark and made the Danes Christian. This is a prime example of the fusion of ancient Nordic religion with Christianity. There are two large burial mounds adjacent to the stone believed to be the graves of Gorm and Thyra.

Gail Jorgensen California