Subject: Re: Buenos Aires hotels / taxis
Hi Candice -

The Park Plaza is in the heart of the elegant area of Buenos Aires which includes the Recoleta. The walk from one to the other is very nice and easy. BA is flat as a table top so there is no effort in walking. Actually that is one of the pleasures of BA - walking for hours around those charming streets.

I like the Bel Air Hotel that Graciela mentioned, much more that the Park Plaza. They are both in the same area. I can not tell you much about the Parl Elegance - never been there and have no information about it. I have walked by it several times and it looks nice, but that is all.

The problem about taxis and kidnappings is serious in BA. but it seems to be more for the locals than for us tourists. This last trip we took several taxis with no problems. Of course, it was during the day and for short trips in the area. For longer rides and at night we always call a remise-car. All good hotels, restaurants, etc. will call them for you. Remise-cars are an indispensable institution in BA.

Regards, Susana Sao Paulo, Brasil