Subject: RE: Italy Trip
Hello, Ziners:

Irene in Raleigh asked about what to do with her car in Venice.

Perhaps the most conventional choice is to park it in Mestre, which is the last place on the mainland before the causeway takes you into Venice.

I am a dedicated nondriver in Europe (I do it 30 miles each way to work every day), so one other possibility is to take the train from Milan.

A third option is slightly further away (20 minutes by train). It is the wonderful university city of Padua. Personally, we prefer it by a large margin to Venice, but we have been to both several times. If this is a first time trip, which it sounds like, by all means stay in Venice. However, if you do decide to leave your car in Padua, there are some excellent restaurants such as the Vecchia Padua, which, IMHO offer better food at lower prices than those in Venice.

Incidentally, your choice of Como is excellent. Consider the Hotel Metropole au Suisse in Como. It is a reasonably priced (at today's rates) **** hotel. Le Catene is a wonderful trattoria in Como. Besides going on the vaperetto around the lake, you can take the funiculare to Brunate and have a wonderful dinner overlooking Como. Unfortunately, I don't recall the name of the place we ate in last year and the one we ate in the year before went out of business, but the funiculare ride is a lot of fun.

Ira Bernstein Dallas, Texas