Subject: Re: USA Road Trip in November
Dear Josie,

As Anne has said New Mexico can have bad weather also. November is a very hard month to predict. It's not winter but it's not summer either. It can be cold and dry or warm with snow storms. About the only place you do not have to worry is in California. Whatever you decide, leave room to wait a storm out or change your route. Since I'm a chicken,I do not plan any driving travel between Nov.15th and Feb 15th just because of the uncertain weather. It's so hard planning a trip out of town (Mexico,Hawaii,Belize) because you don't know if you will be able to get to the airport on time. Maybe more people can give you their ideas. Nov 3rd should be ok from Chicago and because of weather fronts, New Orleans could be similar to Chicago. One weather front goes north from Texas,(Lousianna),Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri. The other front goes east from Colorado to Kansas, Missouri, and then north. So much for my scare tactics. Just allow time for "rest stops".