Subject: Italian French Railway Pass
Hi, During November we plan to travel by train from 1) Paris CDG to Dijon 2) Dijon to Turin 3) Turin to Padova 4) Padova to Florence 5) Florence to Rome. I am facing the dilemma of buying the Italy France Pass or individual point to point tickets in situ with Senior discount. I also would like to know where is the best place to buy the Pass since I have found out that prices vary. Not a lot but they vary. I also would like to know how much extra I am supposed to pay for special trains during this itinerary, such us for the Artesia TGV between Dijon and Turin. I am also puzzled because I entered and they suggested to buy the France N Italy 5 Day 1 st Class Adult Flexi Pass Companion/Saver for$289 Could those savy in these matters advise me? Thank you, Graziella, Miami Beach