Subject: Re: USA Road Trip in November
Hi Josie:

I live in New Mexico (just north of Santa Fe) and also part of the time in the Chicago suburbs. I don't think you should be overly concerned about the weather.

Chicago's weather doesn't tend to get nasty until mid or late December. Although there have been exceptions and exceptional years of multiple storms,it doesn't usually snow any appreciable amount until late December or into January. Early November is usually quite nice.

Likewise in the Santa Fe area, November is sunny and mild. Some years we get enough snow up at higher elevations (10,000') for the ski areas to open on Thanksgiving Day. Lower down in town (7000') the snow melts very rapidly due to the strong sun.

The biggest problem could be a storm sweeping across the US that causes icy conditions on the roads, but if you plan for that possibility and have enough time I don't think you should be concerned about a November road trip.

Regards, Leslie Santa Fe (& Chicago)