Subject: Re: Italian French Railway Pass
Graziella and Ziners,

What you saw on railsaver site is a new "France combo pass", available for traveling from France to Italy (or to Switzerland or to Spain.) You may go to and click on the link on "combo passes" to see more details.
>From the combo pass page, you then click on the "France 'n Italy Saverpass" link to see that a 5-day 1st class flexi pass in 2 months is indeed $259+$27 = $286.

Reservation costs very, usually about $3 to $5 per person per reservation if you reserve from an European rail station. Sometimes it's $5 per reservation for the whole group. It looks like your train days are not long distance, so you will need to add them up to see if point-to-point tickets will be more econimical for you.

The last time I ordered my railpass from Rick Steves' store, they gave me choices of a free travel book per passenger, so I got 5 of his travel books for free. But I see now he only throws in one of his DVD and some free maps, no longer travel books.

Mei-Ching (Massachusetts)