Subject: RE: Italian French Railway Pass
Graziella & Ziners,

Rick Steves is where I bought my rail pass; they send you the most information on the rail before you leave. You get a trip planner, time table (a big plus), and a DVD on how to use the rail pass etc. I wished I gone through all of the stuff before I left on my trip (or started planning it for that matter). My best friend brought it all over, while she visited me in Rome. Also included is the additional fare sheet. Which lets you know all the charges and what benefits come with the first class ticket.

I had to get the first class ticket because I am a non traditional student, and first Class was nice and more comfortable than second class. The biggest difference I notice was the use of air conditioning in first class vs. second class. A lot of the local trains you ride will be free but if you use the Euro Rail there is always a surcharge and it varies.

But the plus side is, that if you buy through rick steves they also let you e-mail three questions to their EuroRail Specialist (they are really good) at no charge.

If you look around the website you will also see that they can do a cost comparison for you between point to point and a pass. They charge $45.00 an hour but you are charged for the time you spend on the phone with them.

You get a percentage off his online store for travel stuff. I used a lot of his books and tips to make my three months in Italy more comfortable.

Hope this helps, Tammy Columbus, OH