Subject: Re: south west chief-amtrack
Hi Alan and Dawn,

I used Amtrack to travel America from Los Angeles to New York, via Dallas, New Orleans, Memphis, Chicago, Niagara, Albany and New York in 2001 and can highly recommend it.

A 30 day pass may be more economical for you and will allow you to get off and on anywhere on an Amtrack route within that time frame. Be aware tho', that the terminals are often well out of town and you'll need a taxi to your chosen hotel.

Situp / recliner is quite comfortable as long as you don't usually suffer back aches, etc. Leg room is probably about 4 times what you'd get on economy air travel, tho' I'd suggest taking a blow up travel pillow for extra comfort.

I didn't eat in the dining car and usually food shopped - subway, dried / powdered soups and noodles etc - before I got on board. I also took my own jar of coffee with me so that at breakfast time, all I bought was a cup of hot water and a bread roll.

I'll be happy to answer other questions you might have.

Cheers Sue