Subject: Re: Strasbourg - Dijon
Hi, Graziella,

I was in Dijon in 1999, Sept. I loved it very much and would recommend you to stay in Hotel de la Poste with a nice views. They have very good and non-expensive suite rooms (at least they had in 1999).

Walking through the tiny MidAges streets is a real pleasure. Try to visit also the Musee de Bellas Artes. Good collection, incl. the tomb of Philippe Le Bon. But this walk can be easily completed in one day. Another day can be spent on a visit of Beaune with its world-famous painted roofs of the former Hospital. From there you can take at the tourist office very interesting tours (2 hours-long each) of the world-famous vineries of Burgundy and even to taste the grapes while on the bushes.

There are also a few another interesting places in Burgundy, but you have no enough of time and the bus/train connections are not the best.

Sincerely, Alex Elbert Jerusalem Israel