Subject: Eurail surcharges
Hi Ziners,

In the discussion about rail passes Tammy wrote: "A lot of the local trains you ride will be free but if you use the Euro Rail there is always a surcharge and it varies."

It was not my experience with Eurail that there is always a surcharge. On some trains you need to book and there is a booking fee which is additional. On other trains you may feel it is a good idea to book and there will be a booking fee then too. Generally booking applies to fast long distance trains.

On very fast trains there may be a surcharge. There was a significant surcharge in Belgium - for the four of us we found it prohibitive. There were only booking fees on the ICE in Germany and the TGV in France and I found them reasonable. I was prepared to book as there is no way I wanted a long journey and no seat.

It is some time since we were in Italy but I remember the requirement to book was not for every trip and the associated fees very reasonable. We had first class tickets. In Italy at that time there seemed a significant shortage of seats in second class which meant that passengers seemed to overflow into the corridors including the first class corridors.

Regards Anne Canberra, Australia