Subject: Re: Travelling for family history
Hi Frances and Ziners,

I looked up the cemetery in London where an ancestor was buried in 1708. It took a while to find it - it was behind a building (and possibly partially under it.) There was also nurses housing in back with the front doors just a few feet off the cemetery. Some workmen rehabbing the building took me out back to where the stones were, but I was unable to find hers - she was Jewish and the writing was in Hebrew. Since then I had a Jewish gentlemen seatmate on a plane write down what the gravestone would say in Hebrew, so someday I'd like to go back. The workmen claimed to have seen a ghost - but I think they were just teasing me. I was also hoping to find something in Spain or Portugal since records show they came from Portugal, and probably previously from Spain to England, but the Jews were pretty much eradicated in Iberia.

When I went to Switzerland, I walked around the Wengen area where another branch was from. I only know that they came to the U.S. (well, the colonies anyway) from that area in 1753. There isn't much left in Wengen from that time, but it was still interesting.

I also have a branch from Alsace-Lorraine. I went there, but since I have no details about where, it wasn't too informative!

Marguerite in Chicagoland