Subject: Re: Travelling for family history
Hi Ziners,

I recently talked to the Archives in our city and learned that MANY people travel for family history and often end up at the archives- a useful trick to know. She will often do quick tours of sites with them (This isn't part of her job). There is also a Family History Society in town who holds more complete records of the cemetery than they city has, plus many other resources. They are very helpful and willing to help visitors.

Happily, while perusing the cemetery one day, I unexpectedly found the resting spot of a great aunt, and two great uncles who moved to my new city in the 1930's. I knew I had a great uncle here but had to talk to my mom to find out about the the other two and the story behind it.

Having relatives (even dead ones) who have lived in town for a long time can be important when moving to a small town so you are not seen as an outsider! Very fascinating!

Donna Nanaimo