Subject: Re: Orient Express
Hi Chris,

A cheaper option is to travel the local trains from Bangkok to Singapore, probably far more interesting tho' not as luxurious as the Orient Express.

On the Thailand leg, many European passengers are males married to Thai women, and as Thailand rarely gives permanent residence to foreigners even if they are married to locals and run a thriving local business, these men must depart Thailand to renew their visas. They provide lots of interesting insights to life in a foreign land.

Often, hawkers will travel between the few stops so it's possible to buy fruit and snacks along the way.

Change trains just over the border and travel on to Kuala Lumpur where you change trains again for the final leg to Singapore.

I did this trip 10 years ago for about $AUD100 and I doubt the price has changed too much.

Our biggest problem was that we'd just come from a 3 week shopping spree in Thailand - and there were no porters to help with our luggage!

But it was a fascinating trip and one I'd do again like a shot. And I don't think I'd be comfortable living in Orient Express luxury for any length of time.

Cheers Sue in Western Australia, where it's already tomorrow!