Subject: Re: Segovia, Salamanca and Toledo
Hi, Tom,

I was in Toledo this April. It was unforgettable!

My first recommendation is to stay overnight. Don't miss the joy of night walk through the narrow streets of old Toledo when the hords of tourist leave the city. You can hear your own step at the night. Like in movies! I'd recommend you to eat in very warm atmosphere of resataurant Abadia.

In the Cathedral you must visit all the sites. Entrance into each one costs additional sum. During 1 day in Toledo I spent about 20 Euros on museums only. But they worth that. Because Toledo is the world-largest treasure of El Greco paintings - in Cathedral museum, in Hospital de Tavera (incl. the Palace of Dukes de Tavera), in Monasterio de Santo Domingo El Antiguo, in Iglesia de San Tome. Try to visit all these museums! Add also a visit of at least one synagogue - Synagoga del Transito is the most interesting one and among the best preserved. I also loved Monasterio de Los Reyes and Mezquita de Cristo de La Luz. To be able to visit all these places you must arrive in Toledo at the morning, because many places are closed between about 1 and 4 p.m. Before the sunset I would recommend you to make a round tour around the impressive walls of Toledo, to see its massive gates, to go down to Tajo river and to cross the bridge to be able to climb to Castillo de San Servando. There is wonderful veiw of Toledo with its Alcazar and Jewish bridge from this point. This one is a really out of trap recommendation - not many seen on the path.

Half-day trip can be done to Consuerja(by bus). High above the city there is a site of many windmills, which according to Servantes were the target of Don Quijote. There is also a very nice restored castle. If you can, try not to miss this really special place. I spent there about 3 hours. And would like to spend more.

Enjoy your trip, Sincerely, Alex Elbert