Subject: Re: Madeira in August
Hi Linda,

thanks for the links to Stefano´s travelogue. I had already given her your travelogue.

She is now thinking about booking an apartment. Answers to her queries have been really fast, and we will spend the afternoon checking the places and thinking about them.

BTW, before and after Madeira they are going to stay in Lisbon. Although they could stay with friends, they have found a couple of just renovated, 5 star properties (including swimming pool) for only one Bancotel coupon ( 50 Euros plus taxes ), so they have decided to stay at one of these places. If someone is planning a quick trip to Spain and Portugal, Bancotel is well worth a look (and as we have discovered during our recent holidays, also for France and Italy).

Rgds, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain