Subject: Re: Madeira in August

I've never been to Madeira, so I can't help you on that subject. But I can provide some sites where you can get the info you need.

Walking tours of Madeira Island:

Places to visit:

Botanical garden

Tropical Garden

If you're a golf lover


Would you care for a cup of Tea?

In Madeira, like in the mainland Portugal, if you want cheap accommodation, look for private rooms. They are usually cheap and very neat, people are friendly and you'll feel right at home. Madeira is famous for it's Madeira wine, very smooth, excellent. If you can find "verdelho", a local wine, try it. Madeira is also known for its enormous "espetadas", a delicious kebab with veal meat, and it's delicious "bolo de mel" or honey cake. I've never been to Madeira, that's a fact, but I've tried it all here in the mainland. Well, that's all I could came up with. For more info on Madeira, you can always ask Don and Linda who know Madeira very well. Bye. Rui from Lisbon