Subject: Re: Avoid this Tourist Trap
Hi, Lesley and Ziners:

I'm so glad, in a way, and disappointed in another way, to hear that Le Procope Restaurant on the Left Bank in Paris is to be avoided. I just returned from Paris a few days ago and will soon start posting my journal. In it I mention my upset over not being able to go to Le Procope, as I had read about it and was very interested in its history and all the famous people that have gone there, including Benjamin Franklin. Napoleon even left his hat there once, and they kept it and still have it under a glass dome. It was the first cafe in Paris, started by an Italian (Procopio) in 1688. So more than the food, I really wanted to see the restaurant. Unfortunately, the GoAhead rep. at the hotel didn't check up on the reservations before that afternoon and then found out they had "lost" the reservation. The restaurant was full, so they couldn't take us. I was very upset with the GoAhead rep., and he knew it. But maybe it was a good thing not to go. I still would like to see it, but maybe not eat there. Anyway, thank you for posting this information.

Diana San Diego, California