Subject: The Osborne bull - Was: Segovia, Salamanca and Toledo
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Actually, those bulls donīt belong at all to a beer ad campaign, but they are the last remains of the famous Osborne bull. There are around 90 left all over Spain, they are around 14m high and 200 quadrat meter of corrugated iron.

They were part of an ad campaign that began back in 1957. Osborne was looking for a symbol for its brandy Veterano, and Manuel Prieto (a designer working at the Mint) came up with the idea of the first "toros".The first ones measured only 4 mts and were built of wood.

In 1988, all the publicity near the roads was supposed to be tore down due to a Brussels directive, but a great campaign began in Spain to keep the bulls in the roads, and it suceeded. They stay (minus the publicity). They were declared "non publicity item" by the Supreme Court, and they are part of the Historical Patrimony of Andalusia.

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Covadonga Bilbao - Spain