Subject: Re: Paris journal
Diana -- Your description of the Tulip Inn Little Palace really takes me back! My husband and I and our daughter, who was then 9 years old, stayed there for several days during our first trip to Europe back in 1978. Of course, it was just the Little Palace then. We paid under $30 a night for a triple room and that was stretching our budget. As I recall, the room had a toilet, but we had to go down the hall to take a shower. We had a lovely little balcony looking out over the square. Despite it's name, no one there spoke English, but all were extremely patient with our high school French.

We loved the neighborhood and found it very easy to get anywhere in Paris from there. The Pompidou Center had just opened and I remember that our daughter particularly enjoyed that. We generally ate out at lunch and bought provisions for dinner, which we ate in our room, at little shops in the neighborhood. Something that has become a family legend, is that my husband and I would buy wine for ourselves and, being American, cider for our daughter, thinking it was non-alchoholic. It was only on the second or third evening that we realized that the change in her behavior each night after dinner was due to the cider!

I'm looking forward to the next installments of your Paris journal. Landra in upstate NY