Subject: diana's white wine drink - Paris

I looked at my trusted Playboy's Bartender's guide And found these two Kir drinks:

Kir Royale is mixed with 4 oz of champagne Vin Blanc Cassis or Kir is made with white wine.

George and I also recently returned from Paris. I have not had the time to put together my notes But am enjoying yours! Like revisiting the place!

Our Monoprix experience was similar to yours. The Food section was extensive and different but everything else was pretty commonplace (imho). It could have been that the SALES were on at the time. Still though..

Looking forward to your experiences. Now you're making me feel bad about not having put together my travelogue. Maybe I can carve a bit of time Sunday to knuckle down.

Marta & George Tamarac FL

PS: Hope the rest of your trip was uneventful. Sounds like you are getting to use that fisrt aid kit we all have for emergencies!!