Subject: Paris recalled
Dear Ziners,

Very interested to read about Diana's adventures in Paris and her mention of a roller blade race brought back memories. I was in Paris about 3 years ago on a tour bus one Friday night (I think it was) late at night. As we were sitting at a traffic light, people start whizzing by us on roller blades on the street running opposite to us. When the light changed, too bad, we had to just sit. There were hundred of people on roller blades, kids, teenagers, older people, some in costumes. Many people were lit up with lights. Everyone was laughing and having fun. We must have sat there for at least 1/2 hour or more. I guess every Friday night they have this roller blade experience on this main street. I wish I remember what street it was. It was really fascinating to see in the dark. It was on one of the main drags of Paris I remember, near a famous monument.

Loved Paris. Now I will want to return on reading more of Diana's journal.

Miriam - Oregon