Subject: Re: Germany and Eastern Europe

As someone who used to live in Prague and has spent over a month there this year, I can confirm that there is a "markup" on bills. This is especially true in the highly touristed areas such as the Old Town Square or Vaclavske Namesti. However, if you venture, I kid you not, a street or two behind these areas you can find places at half the price.

For example, Caffreys bar or Legends both charge around 70Korun for a beer, while The Chateu (about a 10 minute walk from Caffreys and Legends is half way between them) charges around 35CZK.

The key is to avoid eating/drinking in the heavily touristed areas and wander down some backstreets and find a "locals joint". You should find the prices much more reasonable and the cuisine will be more authenically-Czech, although don't always expect the service you would get at a five-star-hotel! Shop around.

That said, the Klub Lavka can be cool and you get to sit outside on the River when the weather is nice!!!

Mark Sukhija, in Zaragoza