Subject: Re: from Oslo to Bergen (was: Norway)
Hi, Tiffany,

I hope our Norway Ziner can provide you better alternatives, but if you have to go to Bergen, then here are my suggestions to accomplish it in two days:

PLAN(A) 1) Take a direct day train from Oslo to Bergen (7 hours). If you leave early, say at 8 am, by the time you arrive at Bergen, the day is still long. The sun does not set in Bergen until past 10 pm in the summer.

2) Leave the next (early) morning, follow the Norway-in-a-Nutsehll tour of train/bus/boat/train jaunt, including a 2-hour fjord cruise from Gudvangen to Flåm. The Nutsehll tour is a full day trip, it takes about 12 hours.

The reason I suggest you to do the nutshell tour from Bergen to Oslo (instead of from Oslo to Bergen) is because most of the tourists are doing it from Oslo to Bergen, so it you do it the opposite way (from west to east), it may be less crowded on the train and on the boat.

PLAN(B) 1)Join the crowd and take the Norway-in-a-Nutsehll tour from Oslo to Bergen. You'll leave Oslo around 8 am and arrive Bergen around 8 pm. 2)Spend the next day sight-seeing in Bergen, then take a night train out of Bergen, arriving Oslo the next morning.

You only mentioned that you'll fly into Stockholm. Can you fly out of Bergen, or Oslo? That certainly will save you time.

Mei-Ching (Massachusetts)