Subject: Re: european currency should I buy it here or there?
Hi Mary,

You no longer need to get currency for each European country. All the countries you mentioned: Switzerland, Holland, Germany, France, Belgium use the Euro so you don't change currencies from country to country. My, it makes the money exchanging easier. You can use your ATM card to get euros many, many places along the way. I'm sure others on the list will chime in but ATMs seem to be the easiest, cheapest way to obtain currencies. Yes, you can take US $$ but usually the bank or bureau of change charges a commission to change your $$ into Euros. Other choices are travelers checks & change places charge commission to change them or credit cards. You need to check with your ATM or credit card issuing bank to find out if and/or how much you are charged to use your card in an out-of-company ATM. I found it was still more economical than using cash or travelers checks.

Enjoy that river cruise. What a great way to go! Carol Bailey sun is setting in N. Idaho

Mod's note (Frances): Switzerland stills uses the Swiss Franc but Carol's advice still valid.