Subject: Re: european currency should I buy it here or there?
Linda and Mary,

It is true that the legal tender of Switzerland remains the Franc, as Switzerland is not a member of the European Union. (That said nor is Andorra, but they use the Euro as legal tender!)

However, since the introduction of the Euro, acceptance of the Euro is increasingly widespread in various retail outlets including restaurants, bars and retail stores (I used to be able to pay for my groceries in Euros in a village in Canton Schwyz!!) This phenonmen is especially true in the urban areas such as Zurich/Geneva and the highly touristed areas such as Lucerne.

That said, your change will be in Francs. The exchange rate will be amongst the worst rates available. And don't count on it. Especially in less built up and less touristed areas. The only currency they are *guarenteed* to accept is Francs, so be sure to have some!!

A similar phemonemen has occured in London too I am informed, but once again don't count on it and bring Pound Sterling.

Mark Sukhija, in Zaragoza