Subject: Re: Paris
Hi, Pamela... What a wonderful thing to be able to visit Paris with your college age children. I think most important is to be in a central area. For us, that means the 6th arrondissement. It's easy to get everywhere from the 6th, with bus and metro nearby, and the 6th itself is a wonderful area to explore. We like to buy the Carte Orange transportation pass, which allows you unlimited travel on bus and metro... it's not only convenient, but less expensive than a carnet, if you use public transportation a lot. It starts on a Monday, though, and we usually arrive on a Saturday, so we buy a Mobilis pass for both days of the week-end. The passes work the same way, but the Mobilis is more expensive than the weekly Carte Orange. You need a photo for the Carte Orange, and an extra passport photo works great! For making phone calls home, we like the France Telecom telecarte, available at post offices and tabacs.

Best regards, Sandy in Illinois