Subject: Re: ATM debit versus credit cards

In the past years I have been lucky enough to travel throughout Europe and Asia and South America and have used my ATM and credit card extensively and find that both are easily used in most modern countries. In Japan you have to hunt for those ATM machines that accept foreign cards, but elsewhere the machines are ubiquitous. Most shops and restaurants accept credit cards and most accept Master Card and Visa.

The problem with debit cards may be a vulnerability due to the absence of protections that are given to credit and ATM cards. With ATMs there is a limit per day and with credit cards you are protected to minimum risk in the event of loss or theft.

You might check with your bank what happens if someone coerces the PIN number from you for your debit card.

I travel with an ATM card that only shows my checking account info and no other info like an overdraft account number.

Peter, San Francisco