Subject: Re: Lost Luggage
Hi Ziners,

I am not happy with British Airways. I checked my luggage with them on April 29 and didn#t see it again until May 8. I must admit that this is the first time my luggage has been lost. This is a remarkable record considering that for years I have traveled all over the globe. I think what really irritated me was the British Airways flight attendant on my return flight. It used to be that I could put my carry-on under the seat in front; but with more seats added, it is no longer possible. I can always find a strong young man to lift it to the overhead compartment. On the return flight, it so happened that a flight attendant was right behind me as I made my way to my seat. As I looked around for a young man, the flight attendant, said, #Put your carry-on in the overhead compartment and take your seat!# I said I could not lift it myself. I was told, #If you can#t lift it, you should have checked it. I am not going to put it up as I could hurt my back.# (She, a twenty-something lady, is telling this to a gray-haired, elderly lady!) A young man in the seat across the aisle and one row ahead, immediately jumped up and told her he would put it up for me. I later told her, if I had taken her advice, I would surely have been in trouble on my trip to Italy as I would have had only my purse with me during the time my luggage was lost (April 29 to May 8). She shrugged. I had a great trip, nevertheless, as I was determined not to let the missing luggage interfere with my having a good time on the trip, and it didn#t.

Anne Yuma, AZ