Subject: What do you look for?

I woud like to ask how other Ziners research places to go eat and drink in destinations they have never been before.

I see three main sources of information.

(a) Guide books, such as Michelin, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide etc (b) Email discussion forums such as this (c) Websites

I am especially interested in which pieces of information Ziners find useful when looking for places to eat and/or drink? Do Ziners have favorite sites on places to eat/drink around the world? Why do you like these sites?

The reason I ask, is that I have been keeping track of places I have been eating/drinking and keeping some notes on my impressions of the place for a few months now and am considering publishing this information on the web. Clearly, for it to be useful, the information needs to be relevant.

I appreciate your feedback on this matter. Mark Sukhija, on the train to Valencia