Subject: Re: Help wanted - Chicago trip
Hi all,

Let me add in a bit. Every time I go to Chicago, I must eat at least one meal at the Berghoff, if not all of them. I began eating there around 1965 and made addicts of my wife and two daughters when they were finally able to visit (one daughter had the thrill of eating there frequently when she went to college at Northwestern!).

The Berghoff has been in business for over a century. Some of its traditions are lamentable (it limited where women could eat for several decades, though not recently, and operated on a cash-only basis until about 15 years ago). On a more positive note, it refused to let itself be franchised. I have heard it has a small location at O'Hare, but I have not seen it.

What I find is amazing is seeing the same waiters decade after decade. They are really pros in the European sense.

Although the Berghoff is nominally a German restaurant, it also serves wonderful steaks and fish as well as its own beer and bourbon. With all of this, it is at most moderately priced.

Enjoy, Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, Texas

Mod's note from Linda: According to the web site, the Berghoff does indeed have an O'Hare location, at United Terminal 1, Concourse C-26: