Subject: Re: What Do You Look For?
Hi, Mark and fellow Ziners - a fourth great source of information is "word of mouth". Friends, neighbours, relatives and even total strangers can provide lots of excellent recommendations. That's how we found our favourite small hotel in Puerto Vallarta. We were staying in Zihuatanejo discussing traveling in Mexico with various guests at our hotel when it was mentioned. I wrote down the name of the hotel and thought if I ever traveled to Puerto Vallarta, we would stay there. A few short years later we did and the rest is history. In February, we will be there on probably our 6th or 7th visit.

I agree that books are also an excellent source and usually refer to the "3F's" (Fielding, Fodor, Frommer). If a place is in all three books and generally receives a favourable review, I would visit it. I also recommend eating in "local" restaurants where the residents eat as opposed to "tourist" restaurants.

Pat, Ontario