Subject: Re: What do you look for?
Hi Mark, great question.

We used to trust guide books and other sources like the New York Times. Not any more. We have been often disappointed.

Instead we ask locals, specially in small towns. We obtained great information from local owners of small business. Like the pharmacist in Fontaineblue who directed as to a hidden second floor bistro, the owner of the bakery El horno San Luis in Cordoba grace to whom we had an unforgettable New Years Dinner in Cordoba, Spain or the owner of a flower shop in Leon, Spain who walked us to a great restaurant called La Posada Regia.

Lately I have found that places highly recommended by guide books and the NYTimes by the time we got there were full of tourists and no good at all. The worst dinner I ever had in Italy was in a place called Da Bruno, via Bianchi 12, Pisa, recommended by the Michelin (red book) and Frommers. I found it INSULTING, we were placed in a room full of other tourist and given garbage. And they new it was garbage.

Lots of luck in your endeavor. Graziella, Miami Beach.