Subject: Re: What do you look for?

I use the Zagat Guide as my food "bible" here in NYC and buy them for every city I'm visiting that has one. That's where I look first. You can buy the Zagat Guide books and/or you can use their website. I do both as the website is easier to help you narrow your search, but the book is easier at the destination because I don't travel with a laptop and even if I did, I like to have the guide with me as I walk around the city. I can easily look up the review of a place that looks interesting as I walk past it.

I also look at the Conde Nast Gold List or Conde Nast top 100 list for when I want that one special meal in a place.

I call American Express and have them fax me a guide to the restaurants in the cities I'm going to visit.

I ask the flight attendants on the flight over.

I ask at the front desk at the hotel. However, I'm specific in stating my needs in terms of price, ambiance, etc. I've been sent to alot of terrific places this way.

Candice NYC