Subject: Re: What do you look for?

since I bought my motorcycle in 1998, I've only been travelling by motorcycle. And when I come to a new town, village, whatever, I always look for the local MC(Motorcycle Club). Usually these guys will know everything or nearly everything around. Of course this is an example that does not apply to everyone. I remember one ocasion when me and my ex, we were in S. Martinho do Porto and decided do head north. When we arrived at Figueira da Foz, a coastal town in the north of Portugal, we come across an old couple (they were around 60), sitting on a brand new HD Fat Boy and looking at the ocean. We asked them where we could have lunch and they drove us to one of the best restaurants I've been to, called "the carroussel", in a little village called Gala. Bye Rui from Lisbon