Subject: Re: What do you look for?
Hi Mark,

I agree with Graziella and Susie. Our most favourite restaurants we found through locals.

Like last year; we arrived in Borneo and made a stroll through the town Kuching and we sat on an outdoors terrace and 2 local people were sitting at the table next to us and my husband asked them if they could recommend a nice restaurant to us. They both told us that when they wanted to go out for a nice dinner, they always went to Top Spot which could be found at the roof of a parking garage!! They told us how we had to walk and so we did that evening. When we wouldn't have asked these people we would never have found it because it was exactly where they told us; first we had to enter the parking garage, next climb the stairs to which we thought would lead us nowere but then we found Top Spot which appeared to be all kind of food stalls where you could pick out your own dinner; fish and vegetables which was prepared for you the way you wanted it to be prepared (spicy or not spicy etc.) and which was served to you at a table of your choice. Really great!! And everything very fresh.

Like Graziella I think that many of the restaurants mentioned in travel guides have too many customers who read these travel guides and sometimes that results in lesser quality because the customers come anyway....

Regards, Marianne Netherlands