Subject: Road Trip
Wilma asked that I share some of the major decisions we've made about our cross-country road trip which is coming up this month. It's been difficult, because there is so much we want to do and see with relatively little time. We have a flight out of San Diego on Monday, August 30 and have told our son that we will arrive on Friday the 27th. We plan to leave here the 14th because I can't take more than two weeks off from work. We've made a decision that we'll push the eastern part of the trip because we're pretty familiar with it and take more time in the west. Basically, we're taking Route 80, but dipping down to Denver.

While I was poring over maps of the US, my husband plopped a postcard down on my desk. Turned out it was from a cousin announcing that she had just moved to the Denver area and has a guestroom. Naturally I e-mailed her to say "Be careful what you ask for!" We'll be staying with her for a couple of days. We'll also stay with another cousin in Camino, California not far from Lake Tahoe. Then we'll drive to San Francisco and spend most of a day before driving down the via the coast with a stop at Monterey.

I've never planned a trip like this and am hoping that I'm scheduling things properly. I'm thinking that we'll get to Denver on our 4th day of travel from upstate NY and then to Camino, CA on our third day of travel from Denver and to San Diego on our third day of travel from Camino. If anyone has any experience with this and can tell me whether or not it makes sense, I'd really appreciate it.

Landra Columbia County NY