Subject: Re: Re: Visit to Spain / Bullfights
Hi Mark,

I missed your previous mails about the bullfights, and now I see that you are travelling around Spain, but I do hope I´ll be able to catch you somewhere.

I certainly am not good to tell you that you should or shouldn´t go to a bullfight. I have never been to one, the really good ones are too expensive and I don´t know if I would resist the smell in the bullring. Strangely enough, most of my foreign friends who have been to one of them, have become real fans. I would have never thought a thing like that could happen, but who knows ...

So, if you want to go and watch it for yourself, do it. But I ´d try to get into a decent one. There are plenty of places along the "infamous" Costas where there are horrible bullfights just prepared for the tourism. Small bulls, third-rank bullfighters, plenty of blood and bad taste ... enough to drive mad the most conscious person.

Some links you might find useful :

Your best bet right now would be Puerto de Santa Maria, Vitoria, San Sebastian and Bilbao. Maybe the bullfight in Bilbao on the saturday 14th of August would be interesting. It is a "corrida de rejones", the bullfighter is riding a horse (and those horses are something to be seen) and it is different to any other thing. See at the following link, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza in Arles (that would be another option, the french bullrings are also interesting, Bayonne, Mont-de-Marsan, Dax, Nîmes, Arlés ...) :

Remember that the good ones can be very expensive, and in case of doubt, ask for "sombra" (shade) and way up (cheaper and the smell of the blood won´t reach you).

Rgds, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain